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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  May 20, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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the up and up. what this may mean for america. box two, a new delay in the casey anthony murder trial after somebody in the courtroom screamed at the suspect. we will have the details on the drama. box they, sand, sun, and six figures. california is in a cash crisis but according to a new report lifeguards are really raking in the money. all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" and, first, at fox at 3:00 high tensions at the white house on the future of israel. america's relationship and the wider middle east. president obama today meeting with the israeli prime minister, binyamin netanyahu, a meeting framed by the president's comments yesterday that the first step to peace with the palestinians should involve israel returning certain lands it took over after the
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arab-israeli war in 1967 and today prime minister binyamin netanyahu said that is not going to happen. >> the only peace that will endure is one that is based on reality, on unshakeable facts. for there to be peace the palestinians will have to accept some basic realities. the first is that while israel is prepared to make generous compromises for peace, it cannot go back to the 1967 lines. these lines are indefensible. >>greg: the united states and israel are close allies have been for decades and the president said there will always be disagreements among friends. today, the meeting revealed there is little progress on achieving a lasting peace in the middle east. and now to the white house with latest. what does the white house say about the appearance of the wide difference between president obama and the prime minister on
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this security issue on the borders. >>reporter: the differences are not as wide as some suggest and some would include prime minister binyamin netanyahu himself. white house press secretary carney says the 1967 borders have been the starting point for pretty much all peace proposals the last 20 years including the one in 2000 that the israelis accepted. president obama himself says that america's commitment to israel's security is rock only it. here is what he had to say. >> what we are in complete accord about is that a true petitions can only occur if the ultimate resolution allows israel to defend it self. >>reporter: the president believes the possibility of progress on territory and
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security would still leave the future of jerusalem, perhaps the most intractable issue, and the idea of right of return which palestinians are demanding and which prime minister binyamin netanyahu says will not happen. >>greg: explain the prime minister's objections to the border issue. >>reporter: well, the prime minister says that going back to the 1967 border leaves israel only nine miles wide at the most narrow point which would make the country indefensible. of course the borders is not the only concern saying israel will not negotiate with hamas which he called the palestinian version of al qaeda, a terrorist group. and it is in charge of gaza and make a reconciliation with the palestinian authority. and netanyahu says the long history of the jewish people and in his hands. >> we don't have a lot of margin for error and because, mr.
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president, history will not give the jewish people another chance. >>reporter: president obama will address israel's largest lobbying group in the united states on sunday. prime minister binyamin netanyahu will address a joint session of congress next week. and the prime minister probably will get the warmer of the two receptions. >>greg: thank you, wendell. president obama is speaking to c.i.a. employees at langley headquarters. this is only the third time he has ventured to langley headquarters. >> today i have returned just to say thank you on behalf of all americans and people around the world because you stayed foe cuts, honoring the memory of fallen colleagues.
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and it is helping to locate and take down osama bin laden you made it possible for us to achieve the most significant victory yet in our war to defeat al qaeda. i just met with some of outstanding leaders and teams from across the community who worked so long and so hard to make that raid a success. i'm pleased today we are joined by representatives from all of our intelligence agencies. and that folks are watching this live back at all of those agencies because this truly was a team effort. that's not always the case in washington. but all of you worked together every single day. this is one of the few times when all these leaders and organizations have the occasion to appear together publicly. i thank all of you for coming. it is so important for the
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american people to see all of you here today. part of the challenge of intelligence work is by necessity your work has to remain secret. that carries a heavy burden. you are often the first to get the blames when things go wrong and always the last ones to get the credit when things go right. so when things do go right and they do more often than the world will ever know, we ought to celebrate your success. i wanted every single one of you to know, whether you work at the c.i.a. or across the community at every step of our effort to take out bin laden the work you did and the quality of the intelligence you provided made the critical difference to me, to our team on the helicopters,
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to our nation. after i directed that getting bin laden be the priority, you built on years of painstaking work, pulling together in some cases the most slender of intelligence strings, running the threads to ground until you found that courier and you tracked him to that compound. when i was briefed last summer you had built the strongest intelligence case against, in terms of where bin laden was, since tora bora and in the months that followed, we did what sound intelligence demands: we pushed for more collection. we pushed for more evidence. we questioned our assumption. you strengthened your analysis. you did not bite your tongue and try to pin the ball.
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but you gave it to me straight each and every time. and we did something really remarkable in washington, we kept it a secret! of course when the time came to actually make the decision we didn't know for sure that bin laden was there. the evidence was circumstantial. and the risks especially to the lives of our special operations forces, were huge. and i knew that the consequences of failure could be enormous. but i made the decision that i did because i have absolute confidence in the skill of our military personnel and i have confidence in you. i put my bet on you.
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now the whole world knows that faith in you was justified. so just as impressive as what you did was how you did it. it was a tribute to your perseverance, relentless focus and determination over many years. for the fight against al qaeda to not begin on 9/11, among you are researches who have been pursuing the murderers for many years even before they struck the "uss cole" and among you are young men and women for whom 9/11 was a call to service that defined your generation. on this wall are stars honoring all your colleagues and friends more than a dozen who have given your lives against al qaeda and allies. the years wore on. others began to think this terrorist might never be brought to justice but you never quit or
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gave up. you pulled together across the agency and across the community. no one piece of information and no one agency made this possible. you did it together. c.i.a. national security agency. national reconnaissance office. everyone at odni and national counter terrorism center. folks across the government, civilian and military. so many of you here today. that is exactly how our intelligence community is supposed to work using every capability, human, technical, collecting, analyzing, sharing, integrating intelligence, and, then, acting on it. that is what made this one of the greatest intelligence successes in heroin history and that's why the intelligence professionals will be inspired by your achievement for generations to come. make no mistake, this is not
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over. we not only took out the operational leader of al qaeda we walked off with his files, the largest treasure trove of intelligence information ever received from a terrorist leader and you are now working around-the-clock. you did not have time to celebrate. we have to exploit this terrorist. every terrorist in al qaeda network should be watching their back because we will review every video, examine every photo and read all the millions of pages and pursue every lead. we are going to go wherever it takes us. we will finish the job. we are going to defeat al qaeda. even as we stay focused on this mission, we will have helped plotteds against our homeland to countries seeking weapons of
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mass destruction to trans national threats such as narcotic traffickers. i will keep relying on you. for your intelligence. the analysis that comes across my desk every single day. and 300-plus americans are counting on you to stay a step ahead our adversaries and to keep our country safe. i have never been more proud or more confidence in you than i am today. not just because this extraordinary success but because it reminds us of who we are as a people and a nation. you reminded us when we americans are focused and we work together, we are in the worried about who is getting the credit, and we stay true to our values even if it takes years there is nothing we cannot do.
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it is why i still believe what i said my first visited here two years ago. your greatest days are still to come. and if any of you doubt what this means, i wish i could have taken some of you on the trip i made to new york city where we laid a wreath at ground zero. i had a chance to meet firefighters who lost an entire shift, police officers who had lost their comrades. a young woman, 14 years old, who had written to me because her last memory of her father was talking to him on the phone while her mother wept beside here right before they watched the tower go down. and she and other members,
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families of 9/11 victims talked about what this meant. it meant that their suffering had not been forgotten. that the american community stands with them. that we stand with each other. so, most of you will never get headlines for the work you do. you won't get parades. but as you go about your work with incredible diligence and dedication each day i hope you all understand how important it is. how grateful i am. you have the thanks of a grateful nation. god bless you. and god bless the united states of america. (applause)
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>>greg: the president of the united states saying "thank you," heartfelt moving thank you to the members of the c.i.a., headquarters in langley, virginia, see all the stars behind the president? each of those represents the death in the line of duty of a c.i.a. member, official, employee. and complimenting them on a job well done locating and overseeing the entire navy seal operation in the killing of osama bin laden. yes, many of those people who were intimately involved will never be known the it has to remain a secret for national security reasons. and their own safety. quite a speech by the president of the united states at langley. >> pakistani taliban operating a car with american officials for a revenge attack of the killing of osama bin laden killing a pakistani passerby and injured two americans and at least ten
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others. an embassy spokesman said that the americans were headed to a protected consulate building in pakistan. a taliban spokesman telling the associated press and i quote, "we warned we will avenge the martyrdom of osama bin laden." and now jonathan, new information of potential al qaeda targets coming from the raid on bin laden compound. what do we know? >>jonathan: to revisit the remarks by the president he said this was the most significant victory yet in the war to defeat al qaeda and the significance of that victory as he pointed out, not just in the fact they took out osama bin laden but in the president's words "we also walked off with his files and we are going through the treasure trove of information gleaned from that compound." and he also said that every al qaeda leader "should be watching his back."
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now some of the information they are gleaning from this is what al qaeda was planning or hoping to attack in terms of u.s. assets and they now say that in 2010, al qaeda was looking strongly at the oil and natural gas infrastructure and was probably looking to bomb things like tankers and gas plants around the united states and possibly overseas although we are told from security officials that this was just, once again, an aspirational plot and they are not aware of concrete plans or putting out any alert for people to be prepared for that kind of attack. they just want to inform those who run the oil and natural gas infrastructure so they keep in place best practices in terms of security. >>greg: the other pakistan headline is the prime minister meeting with the president of china as pakistani defense officials say china has agreed to provide 50 new fighter jets
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to pakistan? >>jonathan: this is obviously a signal from the pakistanis that if the united states is going to, as some would like, going to draw down on the $40 billion a year we give in aid to pakistan, then the pakistanis are sending the message "we have another partner." this is a long standing cooperation between china and pakistan at the department of defense officials point out but they are expediting the delivery of the fighters. officials at the pentagon say this does not significantly change any military posture in pakistan or in the region and they are trying to play it down but the pakistanis are trying to send a signal to the united states, we have other friends if you don't want to support us. >> by the way, jonathan will chat about this story and others throughout the hour at
3:19 pm on the "on the hunt," link and we may air your comments. a judge says he is finally found a jury of casey anthony's peers at the most closely wanted trials the woman accused of murdering her own daughter. stay tuned. ♪
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>>greg: people living in louisiana now have one more day to get out from one city, police ordering mandatory evacuation as water levels are rising. this is an area facing severe flooding after army corps of engineers opened a spillway
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upriver. floodwaters in the basin will reach the height next week. >> everyone rushed and people were raising their pants and moving their homes out, trailer homes, and everything. and we are still waiting. >> many not waiting around but packing up and putting out signs to tell looters there is nothing left. a business owner boarded up and moved his seafood business. >> fishermen can't fish. we can't operate and the fisher membership's homes are flooded. that right there is the icing on the cake. >> people living about 100 miles north of this town, in vidalia watching the levees which now are holding. >> a woman claiming to be bipolar is sparking a delay in the murder case of casey anthony crying "she killed someone
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anyway," and the lawyers questioned a potential your, the judge took the woman's disability into consideration after sentencing her to two days in james. the judge then dismissed two jurors because of the interruption. casey anthony is accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter and dumping the body in the woods and never reported her daughter missing and she could face the death penalty if convicted. and now from florida the post of a judge alex show. that outburst, the presiding judge dismissed two jurors because of it, does it taint the entire jury pool. >> no, i don't think so. at this point the judge is on track to seating a jury and probably already would have if not for the outburst today. and he did the right thing, held her in contempt. he is finding out how difficult it is to seat a fair jury in such a high profile case. it is a nightmare. i have done it.
3:25 pm
>>greg: and the presumption of innocence, i have thought, i hate to say, as a lawyer for 30 years it strikes me as a lovely legal fiction. the truth is, and i have heard this from so many jurors after trial, it is a presumption of guilt. when someone is charged with a crime in the back of the minds of the your they think, will they must have done something wrong. what do you think? >>guest: i agree. there is a sentiment that it is, where this is smoke there is fire logic, and there is a sentiment if the person is there they must have done something. as a judge and as a defense lawyer, i am sure you did it, you go out of your way in jury selection to impart upon the jury the idea that we don't know until we hear all the evidence. and, especially in a high profile media case where you have to tell the jury what you heard outside the court, you don't know what the source it. it could have come from someone who told the reporter anything. wait until you hear it in court. it takes time.
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>> i was on the defense side and the question was, whether we should put my client on the witness stand. here is the standard jury instruction in florida. if casey anthony chooses not to testify "the defendant exercises a fundamentallal right by choosing not to be a witness in the case and you must not view this as an admission of guilt," but, judge, jurors do. don't they yearn to hear from the lips of the accused "i didn't do it." >>guest: absolutely, everyone has the desire to hear the explanation. having heard the initial explanation i am in the sure it would help. her explanation makes no sense. but, everyone wants to hear that and it rests on the defense tone and the judge to really impress upon the jury at closing and instruction in the law, that they are there to make the state prove the case and if the state does not prove it, it doesn't matter if the witness takes the
3:27 pm
stand. >>greg: as a prosecutor would you rather have more women than men that the women could be tougher on women that kill their daughters? >>guest: i would rather have women because her explanation at first was my house keeper took my daughter and i didn't call the police for 31 days. no woman is ever going to believe that. >> the host of his own show, thank you for being with us. we are waiting to hear when the former head of the international monetary fund will be released from rikers island in new york. a judge granted the bail yesterday after prosecutors indicted him on charges for trying to rape a hotel housekeeper. stay tuned.
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3:32 pm
fund chief yesterday as a condition of his release and the judge orders strauss-kahn placed under 24 surveillance and all day reporters have been swarming at an apartment complex after reports suggested his wife recently rented an apartment there. people living near say they are used to the media circuits because madoff used to live just up the street. and now, from the fox business network our reporter is here. what issues are holding up the release. >>reporter: the issue of where he will live because the people in the building objected he would come there so there is hearing underway in manhattan criminal court between the district attorney's office and the defense attorney on the other bail issue. that is all they will say. the issue has to do with the security cameras set up inside the apartment and they have to locate an apartment. when they get an apartment it has to be an apartment secured by the security firm they have hired but the judge has to approve that and then the call
3:33 pm
goes to rikers and he will leave. >>greg: a nice building. >> a block from where madoff used to live. i couldn't afford it. we hear the international monetary fund is expected to pay him hundreds of thousands a year, part of the retirement money. >>reporter: he will be paid roughly $318,000 on the pension package each year for life. the international monetary fund put out a statement saying that is grossly exaggerate bud he got $250,000 for resigning and he will get over $100,000 a year for the rest of his life as part of his pension. >> and his wife is loaded. >> she multi-millionaire. >> different lifestyle. thank you, adam. california taxpayers expressing outrage after learning a number of beach lifeguards there are
3:34 pm
earning ... sit down ... six-figure salaries when the state is facing a major fiscal crisis. in a city of newport beach, california, the associated report says two guards took in more than ... $200,000 a year in pay including things like benefits, shift, and overtime pay and stipends for sun screen. credit is call the salaries outrageous but officials say this is justified. trace? what is the base salary of the lifeguards in >>trace: well the base scattered showers and storms is $58,000 to $108,000 depending on experience. they say the reason they get so much overtime to make up for the hundred thousand salaries is because they are short-handed and they have 13 full time lifeguards and they should have 16. they are categorized as firefighters, they are certificate filed in swim and
3:35 pm
dive instruction and they are responsible each for 6 1/2 miles of beach. some taxeses say their salaries are outrageous and others say, they are worth it. listen. >> lifeguards save lives. how much money can you put on life? just like a fireman. he has a hard job but they save lives. whatever they make is probably not enough. >>reporter: 12 million people each year visit newport beaches. they swear they are not suntanned slackers. >>greg: wish i looked good in a bathing suit. better than "the hof." the city council is preparing to take action on this thing? >>trace: we talked to a city council woman and she wants to cut positions, she wants to cut salaries, and she wants to cut pensions can despite what the guards say she says it will not compromise public safety.
3:36 pm
after 30 years the lifeguards get a pension equal to 90 percent of their base salary, the city says that is simply unsustainable and the truth here is the lifeguards agree because now they are willing to start contributing from 3.5 percent which they do right now, and they are willing to up that to 9 percent their annual salary. we will have to see if that will help them save some jobs as lifeguards. >>greg: thank you, trace. a professional wrestling most colorful characters dead after a car accident. former wwe star macho man suffered "medical event," prior to crashing his jeep into a tree. he was a mainstay in the ring for nearly two decades. a passenger suffered minor injuries and savage was 58 years old. >> president obama calling for israel to return to the 1967
3:37 pm
borders just as the country's prime ministered pays a visit. is he stirring up progress or just irritating an ally? e annou] fiber one chewy bars. ♪
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>>greg: getting a note that dominique strauss kahn will stay at rikers island because the bail has fallen through. what is going on? >> this was the apartment his wife rented on the upper east side of manhattan, a swanky area and the neighbors did not like the idea of him being there so the landlord said "no we will not allow this." so it fell through. the security company charged with monitoring him 24 hours a day is proposing a corporate housing development if lower manhattan so that now has to be
3:41 pm
approved by everybody, by the defense, by the prosecutors and by the judge, so, until that is settled, strauss-kahn will stay in rikers island and there is a chance he could get out today and be taken to the new location in lower manhattan but he may, yet, face one more night in the notoriously tough jail. >> accommodations are not as nice as the proposed condo. thank you, jonathan. the syrian president assad slaughtering more of his own people a day after president obama told him to either lead the country toward democracy or get out of the way. syrian forces killed 26 people after shooting into crowds of protesters in five cities. since march, the uprising against president assad has killed more than 850 people. of course, syria, a friend of iran, and supporter of hezbollah, in lebanon.
3:42 pm
>> avenue to peace with the palestinians will not involve israel giving back lands they seized in the 1967 arab-israeli war. that is from the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu after we told what was a very tense meeting at the white house with president obama. the prime minister said that his country is essentially surrounding by enemies giving up any land will only put his people in more danger but a statement appears to be substantial roadblock in president obama's plan to get israelis and palestinians back to the bargaining table. and now, hot of fox news sunday, chris wallace. i am trying to figure out, maybe you know the answer, what was the white house strategy in having the president stake out a very firm position on the borders knowing that netanyahu was going to be at the white house the next day and would disabuse it. >>chris: part of it was they wanted the president out first, they knew, because the
3:43 pm
republicans had invited the house republicans, had invited net net to speak next week to a joint session of congress, that he would lay out his prospects, his plan for peace. and they didn't want to be making the speech after netanyahu they wanted to make it before. i'm not so sure they ever expected netanyahu to agree or to lecture the president in the oval office to the degree that he did yesterday, or this afternoon, rather. that was striking and unusual. but, oh bam is in a tough spot because the palestinians wanted to go to the u.n. general assembly in september and have a unilateral declaration that palestine is an independent state. not only are most of the countries going to vote for that but a lot of our european allies will vote for that. and the president was trying to head that off by offering something else, the prospect of a negotiation that everyone could go for and they wouldn't
3:44 pm
then go to the u.n. but with netanyahu's turning down today that does not offer an avenue. the other reason the president did what he did is because he is trying to reach out to the arabs, trying to say we are now for reform, we are now for human rights and for democracy, and not forestay billeted and the dick -- not for dictatorships and you have to make statements about israel and that was part of the diplomatic pitch to them. >>greg: at one point in time, a good comparison, he said israel is negotiating with hamas is equal to america negotiating with al qaeda. was it your sense the president may have been talking, or the prime minister may have been talking less to the president and more to the american people? >>chris: he was talking to the american people and talking to his domestic constituency back home and saying i am not, even
3:45 pm
here in the oval office with the president of the united states, i will tick up -- stick up for you. the president agreed with netanyahu there was in difference on that front. because, in fact, yesterday, in the speech the president said, how can you negotiate with a partner who doesn't recognize your right to exist. so he agrees with netanyahu that hamas has to change its constitution, the charter or it cannot be part of the peace process. >>greg: you are a humble guy at risk of embarrassing you i opened the newspaper this morning coming into manhattan and a full page ad, a lovely picture of you, by the way, here, advertising your show "best sunday show for 15 years and counting," and a critique from the "los angeles times", the best interview remaining chris wallace, well prepared and not afraid to likely call out
3:46 pm
someone trying to dodge a legitimate question. you are a big deal. i didn't realize it. >>chris: i didn't realize it either, a big surprise. i thought you were going to say how do you feel is i was saying i am going to disney world, like i just won the super bowl. as you know, greg, and not to do a lot of mutual admiration here, but fox news is a great place to work and if you are on the team, they really support you. i didn't expect it to be quite this tangible but it is a great place to work. greg there are no leans on your facing and amazing what they can do so i made a little change while you were talking because i think you bear a striking resemblance to ron burgundy. chris wallace! >>chris: let me say who will be on the show. or are you?
3:47 pm
>>greg: i would rather you. >>chris: i have to say when i was a young tv reporter in chicago i had a mustache and the first time i came home my mother tried to pull it off because she thought it was a fake because it looked so bad. >>greg: i was on on the train telling everyone that i knew you. you can catch more of chris wallace every sunday and he welcomes herman cain as part of the series featuring g.o.p. can states and will talk with senate minority leader mcconnell and as "new york times" said "the best interviewer," is chris wallace. >> continuing coverage of dominique strauss-kahn.
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>>greg: we received word that a judge in manhattan will sign a bail release order in the international monetary fund sex case involving dominique strauss-kahn and he will be sent to a temporary home detention location if lower manhattan. that is because the apartment in upper manhattan that his wife had represented, a condo board said "not in this building." they found another location in lower manhattan and that is where he will go. he will be monitored by a security firm with armed guards that will be allowed to use force. and now our legal panel to talk about this, an attorney and fox news analyst and criminal against attorney and a fox news contributor. what is your reaction? >>guest: big mistake to let him go. a judge has to look at two
3:52 pm
things: risk of flight and danger to the community. if this were another regular joe from france, he would be considered a risk of flight. right? all you have to do is get a plane and you are gone. think of polanski. and safety to the community? my goodness, if it is true what he did, attack add woman in a hotel, he is a major danger to the community. those two things, land him in jail. >>greg: the judge did say when he granted the bail that this man is a serious flight risk. do you think the security precautions here are sufficient? >>guest: i think so. obviously there is going to an 24 hour service monitoring him, and he put up a substantial amount of bail and he forfeited or gave order to the court his warrant and this is a bigger issue and that is that the lawyer made a guarantee to the court this deal was already
3:53 pm
arranged and to be a defense attorney and go before the court and say, whatever the conditions are of bail, the person is going to stay at a certain location or come up with a certain amount of money you are making that guarantee. and the fact that he did not have the issues worked out before --. >>greg: defense attorneys are advocates and judges used to listen to me as a defense attorney with skepticism and i was not the lone ranger, an advocate. sometimes i bend and stretch a little. >>guest: you cannot misrepresent to the court that there are certain things that were not previously arranged. he said his daughter or wife would have an apartment that was already set in place for him to go. i don't think that it is very fair for any attorney on either side to say that fell through. it is in the right to make representation. greg when you are talking about
3:54 pm
someone who has all the money in the world to be able to get a private plane. this also is a private security system being set up by his wife in a private place so what kind of monitoring will he have there? someone has to look back. >>greg: first of all he put up $1 million in cash, or his wife did, and there is collateral of $4 million but she is loaded. loaded. arguably that is chump change. second, by law, by french law, they do not and will not and cannot extradict french citizens. does that worry you? >>guest: sure. it worries me when anyone is released from jail. you can go do mexico. to any other country and run off especially when this is not a death penalty in another country like mexico and there is in a stated in the united states. but the issue is that most people are entitled to bail. he did not commit a murder and
3:55 pm
he was able to put a substantial amount of money. the amount of money the person has in their backpack debt does not relate to the at of machine they should put up for bail. >>greg: thank you both very much. the centers for disease control can help you prepare for a variety of disasters, everything from severe weather to a zombie apocalypse. they report that you can learn something. it has caught the eyes of a lot living people. yet easy to use trading tools on the planet. it's investing with intelligence and cold hard conviction. e-trade. investing unleashed.
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>>greg: a man in kentucky who has not walked since a commit run accident in 2006 is now able to stand under his own power because of a remarkable new treatment at the university of
3:59 pm
louisville. this is rob. he is paralyzed from the waist down. he got an electronic device in his spinal cord and he moved his knees and ankles and toes and worked on a treadmill. it could be some time before it is a standard practice. centers for disease control log on preparing for emergencies get anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 hits before a public health doctor began posting entries on ... preparing for the zombie apocalypse. the idea evolved from a twitter session of planning for disasters when dozens of tweets came in over people concerned about zombies and now there are a million views including "you may laugh now but when it happens you will be happy you read there and you may learn a thing or two about how


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